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Ever wonder how many people in the world have your name?

"Light shines on every star, even if it’s undiscovered"


There’s nothing like having your daughter lay on ur chest in the morning while she watches her morning cartoons
He just don’t realize how much I love him

If someone is trying to get in contact with u & u dnt answer their calls, they may think something is wrong. Answer the phone!
U can tell the person u are busy but if that person is supposed to be like your sister/brother then u can make time for them if you can make time for everything else (boyfriend, other friends, etc.)
Dont get an attutude with the person ur supposed to be close with if they are trying to reach out to u because they need to talk to u..y push them away if they want their best friend/sister/brother to talk to..thts not cool

Whats ur opinion?

Can It Fail?
  • Lelani: Me & you?
  • Semaj: Yes. Me & you against the world.
  • Lelani: Are you sure, Maj?
  • *touches her cheek lovingly*
  • Semaj: I promise, Lani. Its always me & u..forever & always. I love u, beautiful.
  • *kisses her lips passionately*
  • Lelani: I love you, Semaj but dont do this. Please, baby.
  • Semaj: Im sorry but I have to do this. *caresses her cheek* Trust me.
  • Lelani: I do, I just don't want to lose you again.
  • Semaj: and you wont so stop worrying & just wait for my return. Ok?
  • Lelani: I just have a bad feeling. Please come back to me.
  • *He gives her one last kiss before turning around and walking out the door but not before one last look to the love of his life*
  • Just a sneak peak from my latest novel "Can It Fail"..stay tuned for more..comment/message me with feedback/request. Thank you





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